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Founded in 2005 by Fiorenzo Robbiani,
who was joined by Christian Buchwald in 2009.
The company avails itself of the collaboration of highly qualified top-level personnel.

Finpartner Financial Services SA is an authorised asset management company
affiliated as a financial intermediary with the Swiss Association of Asset Managers SAAM – ASG.

Finpartner takes advantage of the collaboration of industry specialists
as well as its long-standing experience to offer its clients independent and personalized solutions.



Born in Mendrisio (Switzerland) in 1960, married with 4 children and with a degree in economics from the University of Lausanne.

At the age of 34 appointed member of the board of directors of UBS Lugano with executive duties, notably in the area of corporate consultancy, which he will head starting 1995.

In 1999 manages the Mendrisio district office of Credit Suisse.

From January 2001 manages a major group of financial 
clients at BDL Banco di Lugano (now Julius Baer).

Has occupied the role of Founding Chairman of Finpartner Financial Services Sa since 2006.

Was a member of Parliament for the Canton of Ticino and in 2006 chaired the management commission.

Occupies various executive offices in the social sphere.

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Managing Partner

Born in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 1967, married with 2 children, with a degree in political science from the University of Lausanne, post graduate studies in Boston (USA)

Christian Buchwald has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, notably in Private Wealth Management and Asset Management.

Becomes member of the board of directors of UBS Ticino in 2001 and in 2002 placed in charge of the Lugano branch, the Lugano Market Area for Swiss Wealth Management and the Germany Desk.

In 2007 becomes head of UBS Private Wealth Management Ticino, a highly qualified consultancy service specialized in providing tailored solutions for top executives, entrepreneurs and wealthy private clients.

In 2009 is appointed as a Managing Director of UBS Private Wealth Management.

The same year, joins Finpartner Financial Services SA as Managing Partner.

A family of professional experts at your service

Fiorenzo Robbiani
Christian Buchwald
Tullio Calloni
Roberto Facchinetti
Giovanni Fusini
Claudio Bozzano
Gérard Ghirlanda
Elisabetta Sormani
Selene Mantegani